How to Use Show Bags as Marketing Tools

Ever attended a party or event and got handed a well-prepped show bag? Show bags are basically paper or plastic bags that are used as containers for souvenirs or giveaways that event organizers offer to their guests. Nowadays, these bags can be seen as part of birthday parties, reunions, corporate assemblies, and marketing events. They can be excellent promotional tools! Here are some practical ways of using show bags in your next marketing event:

show bags

  • Official event freebies container – If you have a bunch of freebies to give as going away gift to your guests during your company event, you can place them in personalized show bags. Make sure that the bags are imprinted with your business name or logo. If you have an official theme or tagline for the event, you can have it imprinted in the bags too. This way, your guests will be remind about you and your company every time they see the bag. Don’t forget to personalize the freebies inside the bag with your name or logo too.
  • Product samples carrier – You may choose to buy show bags, personalize them with your brand name or logo, and use them as carrier for a sample of the new product you’re about to launch on your next trade show. It’s advisable to choose a sturdy bag especially if your product samples are heavy. Having a sturdy bag increases the chance that your target recipients will not just appreciate it but will consider reusing the bag in the future. When this happens, your target recipients will be able to remember you and the event you organized when they see the imprinted name or logo in the bag. Instant brand recall accomplished!
  • Container for seminar or training supplies – Organizing a training or seminar for your employees? Why don’t you find show bags which you can use as official container for the event kits? Useful training props like pen, paper, notebook, folder, envelope, clips, and other office products may be placed inside a show bag which your employees could carry around during the event. You may also place a printed copy of the official event program or sequence inside the seminar kit. If you think about it, this is another marketing strategy that you can do. The difference is that your target audience are your employees themselves. So make sure that you also personalize the items inside the bag with your company name or logo.
  • Official shopping bag – Aside from using them as marketing tools, you can also design an official shopping bag for the products in your store. Choose good quality bags that come in different sizes and have them customized with your store’s name or brand. So when your customers come in and buy your merchandise, you can place them inside these handy bags.

See how useful show bags can be for marketing and even sales purposes? All you need is a touch of creativity to prep these bags up for your events. There are many different kinds of show bags Australia cities offer. If you want to look at some bag design options, visit